Rachel L. Bailey


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I'm right in the middle of my fourth year of the mass communication doctoral program at Indiana University. I have completed my coursework, successfully defended my qualifying exams, and I am projected to be finalizing my dissertation in December 2013. I will be joining the faculty at Washington State University in the spring as an assistant professor of media psychology and the director of the Communication Emotion and Cognition Lab.

In a nutshell, my research uses experimental, computational, and psychophysiological methods to study the dynamics of complex human media interactions. My research program seeks to discover and explicate the complex interactions among relevant individual, environmental, and media characteristics during media use which have significant downstream effects on important human behaviors (e.g. learning, decision making, behavior change, enjoyment).

Further, my degrees in mass communication and strategic communication (from IU and the Missouri School of Journalism) along with my industry experience with Disney Media Networks doing biometric evaluation and research have prepared me to teach a range of classes within most existing curricula as well as new courses directly related to my research expertise. 

Please feel free to click around and learn more about me or contact me directly: rachbail@umail.iu.edu

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